Duke Dreamer Press Kit

– Family Friendly Comedy Circus Stunt Show by Daniel Nimmo –

Duke Dreamer

Duke Dreamer is a show nearly 20 years in the making that has been enjoyed by audiences worldwide during 15 global tours.

Expect interactive comedy, big stunts, bizarre illusion, physical comedy, and a magical audience experience delivered by a sophisticated performer — and expect Duke to light his bum on fire.

Daniel Nimmo is seriously gifted. Watching him…is little short of bliss.
– Toronto Sun Review

– Red Simons, Australia’s Got Talent

Duke Dreamer stunt and festival video:


Benefits to Audience and Bookers

For an audience

Duke Dreamer is an uplifting, hilarious and memorable experience.

Features: fun audience interactions, one of a kind illusion, poetry, big stunts and comedy. Duke Dreamer is always polite and respectful and culturally appropriate.

For an entertainment booker

Duke Dreamer is trustworthy, well presented, and unique – with a focus on customising material to suit your event. Nimmo has spent many years crafting one-of-a-kind comedy and circus.

Duke Dreamer on Australia’s got talent:

What is Duke Dreamer like?

Whimsical and clown-like Duke Dreamer is a trickster inventor. His head-mounted airplanes are a crowd favourite:

Duke Dreamer 2016 comedy routine
Falls Festival 2016 – Duke Dreamer presented 15 minutes of world class comedy vaudeville

Experience you can trust

Duke Dreamer is a body of material that includes 60 minutes of comedy, audience participation and skill based material that can be tailored to fit any context.

Specialist in outdoor spectacle and audience involvement, and self-contained stunts – Duke Dreamer makes a big impact, with appropriate material to meet the goals of your event:

Duke Dreamer is also at home tailoring material to your specific event:

Over nearly 20 years comedy and stunt performance, Daniel Nimmo has tailored Duke Dreamer to events and festivals as diverse as Melbourne Juggling Festival, Hoopla Circus and Street Theater Festival, Vancouver Comedy Festival, Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Toronto International Circus Festival and a Rogers Wireless TV commercial.